Christian Siriano, Project Runway


What an early beginning to Fashion Week. I spotted Christian Siriano walking down Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg Brooklyn Friday afternoon. He was so low key, blending in to the scene, all black as usual and looking FIERCE!!

CHRISTIAN SIRIANO aka Your Fierceness!

CHRISTIAN SIRIANO aka Your Fierceness!

Yes sweetie, I saw you. Hope to see you in the tent next week.

This weekend I am closing out the summer by switching over my closet to become 40% Fall as the weather gets cooler outside.

Still not watching TV, I mean the blog IS about me not watching TV for a year!

So instead of watching TV, I am looking for a new gig and spending my time studying my Japanese. After realizing that I could use this to boost my income, it became less cute hobby and more of a serious skill that I should spend more time on. So yeah, lots going on without TV even though people still seem into the old thing.

Funny, the other night many people sat around the TV listening to Barak Obama’s speech as if it were this enormous historic experience. It was, but I am not watching TV, so when everyone was glued to the set I was doing other things. And hey, why not? I watched on line the next day. Still just as historic without turning on the TV people!!



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