Not so fast Buddy!!

So as you all know I am watching TV again, have been for about 2 years now.Wow, time flies when you are in front of the TV!

I wonder if I have been damaged at all, let’s see.

I am basically addicted to these housewives shows and can’t stop thinking about how I can get out of the rat race to live a life of leisure.I am currently implementing my plans so excuse me if there is a typo….


My computer was off and I was about to just cozy up to my TV to watch Christian.  How can you not love him? What could make me turn it on?….The desire to blog about Christian.


Well sweetie,  it has been a long time since I saw you walking down the street in Williamsburg, but I must say….J’dore!

You look amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens next in your career. Best of luck to you!

**Much love and respect to the late Alexander McQueen, there will never be another, but the torch has been passed**

My favorite shows are the “Housewives Shows”. Any one any channel. Stay tunned, I plan to write more about these shows and some introspective looks at why others are addicted to these shows.

New Year's Party

If you are reading this then, you made it to the new year, congrats!!

I am still watching TV with my new husband, but if I have to be subject to couple  TV viewing, I will do it with purpose.I have found many ways to enjoy this costly form of home entertainment. Thanks a bunch History Channel, Food Network and a host of other natural occurance channels.I was even able to find a good soap from South Africa,”Generations”.You should check it out, I love it!!

How did I get here??

Cable TV HOW!!

Cable TV HOW!!

I am the woman who did not watch TV for 1 year!!

Now I am paying for cable?

I will tell you, I got married.Everyone is not as against TV as I am so living in this house, I guess we will be watching TV.


My favorite channel is  NY1, I can see the same news over and over about nothing every 10 minutes! Yipee! NOT!!

26 Cents


That is how much I found going into my new experiment.  Yes, my new experiment is to pick up all the change I see on the streets of New York City. 26 cents.  I thought it would be more, but hey we are officially in a recession.

More on that later. For now I had to reach back to talking about my year without TV.  Could it get more obvious than this web site…


Yeah, TV is so over.  Shame on you if you are still paying for TV.  Yesterday I was at my sister’s house watching TV only to see that the same thing is being played over and over again on the same networks.  Aside from that, the same 100 movies that are always on TV are still there.  You guys know the ones.  The Lost Boys, Napoleon Dynamite, Rocky, The Last Dragon, The Breakfast Club, etc.

For $100 a month, I want to see more than cult classics. Which, by the way I have not seen Swingers shown in sometime now.

Basically, people, just watch the Internet.  This is the best way, when the switch happens I will be on Hulu, TV.com, You-tube, etc.

For now, I am watching HGTV.